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The Ixworth Surgery provides GP and family doctor services to patients in Stanton, Walsham Le Willows, Wattisfield, Badwell Ash, Gt Ashfield, Stowlangtoft, Norton, Tostock, Thurston,  Gt Barton, Pakenham, Ixworth, Bardwell, Hepworth, Barningham, Market Weston, Coney Weston, Ixworth Thorpe, Sapiston, Euston, Fakenham Magna, Honington, Troston, Gt Livermere, Lt Livermere, Ampton, Ingham, Barnham










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Stanton Health Centre
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Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri  9.00 am to 11.30 am


Patient Participation Please

We are fortunate in having an excellent GP Surgery in Ixworth. But our GPs are under pressure. As you know, money is tight, there is a shortage of doctors and nurses and hundreds of new homes being planned. There can be no doubting the professionalism of our GPs and colleagues but they feel over-worked and underpaid.

To meet the increasing demand for health and social care “the plan” is to improve linkages between the various services and charities, encourage mergers and identify more efficient ways of working. Indeed, with the trend to more specialist services, focusing expertise on particular concerns, only the patient knows the whole story - the journey from early feelings of being unwell, to trying to make an appointment, getting tests done, receiving treatment, organising after-care and perhaps long-term social care. Patients will need to be more knowledgeable about their treatment - be prepared to offer feedback on how the steps in their treatment might be improved: to say what works well and not so well?

Proactive participation by patients is welcomed by the Surgery. Indeed, Ixworth has had a Patient’s Association since 1988. Regular education and consultation events are held throughout the year. Your GPs would like as many people as possible, from every background and age group, to help in shaping the future.

We all want to protect and support the services given by our excellent doctors, nurses and others as the population changes and grows. It is important to our GPs and their staff that you are involved, that you share your experiences so they can influence the web of organisations that decide how services are delivered to us.

Would you or your business or club like to be involved, come along to a meeting on a specific subject e.g. living with the early stages of dementia, or coping a little better with a particular disability - say one or two evenings every year? Perhaps be in contact with the Patients’ Association by email and receive information and respond to surveys on current issues: e.g. pain management?

If yes, please leave your details with Reception - it is important to us to hear your views.


The Association is managed part-time by volunteers. At an Annual General Meeting a Committee is elected by patients to manage the Association. One or more of the Partners and Staff (depending on workload) will attend.

This year the Chairperson of the Committee is Graeme Norris, Treasurer Ken Smith, Secretary Lauren Webber and Transport Co-ordinator Sybil Kruger plus Committee Members: Roger Harnor, Robin Howe, Jonathon Masters  and Andrew Smith. We are always seeking new members of the Committee - so don’t be shy - please leave your contact details at Reception.

 Health Record

Please note, many people do not realise that in an emergency situation the person treating them will likely only have access to their basic health information.

By agreeing to share your health record with appropriate medical professionals potentially vital information will be accessible and could, literally, be life-saving. It’s easy for people to agree to share, they simply need to download and sign a form and hand it in to their GP practice. Go to westsuffolkccg.nhs.uk website, go along menu bar to “Your Health” and press “Your Patient Record”

Emotional Wellbeing Gateway

Worried about your children’s mental health? Get advice and help on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, self-harm, attention deficit and bereavement. Go online or phone 0300 123 1781 to find out more about services that improve the social, emotional and physical health of 12 to 25 year olds.

Looking for mental health advice for adults? Don’t hesitate to contact your GP for professional support. Also go online and get guidance from Suffolk’s Emotional Wellbeing Gateway.

Patient Transport Services to Hospital
This is not covered by our service and you should call 0309 999 6666

All other enquiries see below:

Mr G Norris

Vice Chairperson -  Vacant

Secretary -  Miss L Campbell

Treasurer -  Mr K Smith

All mail C/O surgery please, our registered address

Village Reps

Honington and Sapiston
Mr R Howe

Mr A Smith

Mrs S Kruger (Transport Co-ordinator)

Stanton and Hepworth


Mr G Norris

Mr R Harnor 01359 230359

Great Barton

Mr J Masters

Walsham-le Willows

If you feel you can serve your village please leave your details with the surgery receptionist. We will then contact you.

Ixworth Patient Association

All patients are automatically members the Association which is a Registered Charity, No: 1051678.

The objectives of the Association are to:

For further information please see the screens in the Surgery or ask at Reception.